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Posted on 17 December 2020

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Handmade Maharaja Polki and Diamond Stack Ring





Handmade Maharaja Polki and Diamond Stack Ring - $134

*Please note the piece is an advanced order. Payment will be collected at the time of purchase and the piece will ship the week of February 1. Order will be accepted until noon eastern time on December 21 or while supplies last.

"Large, striking diamonds spread out through your east/west  oval stack ring. This ring is absolutely flattering, feminine, and breathtaking. I love the Polki diamonds in the handmade bezel settings. For me, it is something I would much rather wear than the traditional faceted stone. This is something that has some guts and style and flair and confidence. It takes diamonds to a whole new level. I love that rough diamonds are becoming so sought after in jewelry because I think they are much more interesting and much more wearable."
A diamond oval stack ring made in a traditional high-end style that you would see at an Indian wedding. The Polki diamond is a rough diamond that is cut in a slice. It gives a much larger look than most Diamond jewelry because the stone is not deep but is set in a facetted setting to give the illusion of depth. Each stone is cut and set by hand.
  • Size 5,6,7,8,9,10
  • Ring measures 1-1/4" L X 1" W. 
  • .2ct. Polki Diamonds
  • .06ct. Light Champagne Rose Cut Diamonds
  • 22K Gold Plating over Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in India

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