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Posted on 18 December 2020

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Constantine the Great Coin Pendant





Constantine The Great Ancient Coin Pendant - $199

I am so excited that we were able to find this very rare original Constantine the Great ancient coin pendant. Constantine the Great was one of the most pivotal characters in history. When he became emperor of Rome in the 4th century Christians were a persecuted minority. In his reign, he protected them from persecution, made Christianity the national religion, convened councils that decided the structure of the church, defined the content of the Bible, and shaped Christianity as we know it. We would live in a very different world if he had never ruled Rome. To have a piece of that history, to hold a coin that bought lunch for a worker, a gift for a loved one, or a room for a night over 15 centuries ago is hard to imagine. To own a coin that is a piece of that history and created by Constantine the Great is close to miraculous.

  • 18K Gold over Sterling Silver
  • 20" necklace adjustable rings at 18" and 16"
  • Lobster Claw Clasp
  • Measures 1" in diameter
  • Made in Italy 


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