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Posted on 16 October 2020

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Poncho with Sleeves and Grommet Details

Burgundy, Red and Rivers of Flowers - Christmas Tree Collection


*Please allow a few extra days for this item to ship from our warehouse. 

Poncho with Sleeves and Grommet Details - $79

  • Choice of color: Black, Red, Grey
  • 29''L w/ 5''fringe
  • Machine wash cool, Do not bleach, Lay flat to dry, Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean, Do not iron 



Burgundys, Reds and Rivers of Flowers Christmas Tree Collection


Red Mosaic Ball Glass Ornaments

Red Mosaic Ball Glass Ornaments - $49

You know how much I love sparkle and shine, and that's why these ornaments are so perfect! They are large in their scale and they are done in a high polish finish reflective finish with faceted beads all the way around. They have such great shine, and they are stunning on your tree.

  • Set of 3
  • 4.75''dia




Burgundy Flocked Flowers European Glass Ornaments

Burgundy Flocked Flowers European Glass Ornaments - $44

These are the ornaments we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to find for you! They are our European glass ornaments and every year, we look for the best of the best for you. This set is some of the most gorgeous designs  I have ever seen in ornaments. Each ornament is done in a matte finish with a velvet flocked floral design and some glitter accents.  These are handmade, hand-blown glass ornaments and each set is hand-packed by us for you. They are true Christmas treasures!

  • Set of 6 
  • 3.1''dia



Christmas Red Sugared Top European Glass Ornaments

Christmas Red Sugared Top European Glass Ornaments - $39

  • Set of 6 
  • 3.1''dia



Large Sugared Red Glass Ornaments

Large Sugared Red Glass Ornaments - $39

These ornaments are so beautifully detailed with a sugared finish, they look stunning on any tree! They are incredibly large, impressive, and very substantial. I love the combination of shapes and the traditional Christmas red base. They are gorgeous ornaments and I can't wait for you to get them home!

  • Set of 2
  • 7.5''H, 10''H




Velvet Amaryllis Picks

Velvet Amaryllis Picks - $45

I'm just warning you - I am keeping a lot of these picks for myself! I can't get enough of them! They are so detailed with different shades and tones of reds and burgundy that all blend together so beautifully. There's an amaryllis flower, holly leaves, sprigs, and berries and the pictures just don't do these justice. They are so stunning and they are so easy to use in a tree or garland. 

  • Set of 2
  • 18''H





Amaryllis Wreath

Amaryllis Wreath - $109

I don't even think I can put into words how gorgeous this amaryllis wreath is! It's so full and covered in large amaryllis flowers all the way around. It's nice and large in diameter and it's perfect on a door, a window, a mirror, or above a mantel. It's also a piece you can leave out all winter long!

  • 24''dia




Large Round 3D Flameless Candle

Large Round 3D Flameless Candle - $55

  • 6''D x 6''H
  • Candles are unscented and ivory in color
  • Requires 2 C batteries
  • Functions on candle are 4 and 8 hour timers.




Beaded Red Magnolia Stems

Beaded Red Magnolia Stems - $59

These magnolias are exquisite. They are done in the most beautiful combination of textures in the most stunning Christmas red. There are so many petals that all open beautifully. Even the center is gorgeous. I love these on my trees, and I am looking forward to using them in garlands too. They are some of the prettiest Christmas flowers I've ever seen!

  • Set of 6
  • 22''L




Grand Angels with Instruments

Grand Angels with Instruments - $169

I always love incorporating angels into my decor for the holidays and this set is stunning. You're getting the set of 3 and they are each playing a different instrument. They are done in a silvery champagne sparkle and they are beautifully detailed from top to bottom. I love their tall, impressive wings and their full flowing skirts. These are pieces you will treasure for years. 

  • Set of 3 
  • 19''H
  • Resin




Burgundy Snowflake European Glass Ornaments

Burgundy Snowflake European Glass Ornaments - $40

  • Set of 6
  • 3.1''dia



Champagne Glitter Leaf Sprays

Champagne Glitter Leaf Sprays - $39

I think these champagne sprays are the stars of my Christmas tree! They are so sparkly, so full, and they just show up so beautifully! I love them layered with other branches and florals, but they are equally as gorgeous on their own. I just can't get over how amazing these are - I will be loving these for years!

  • Set of 4
  • 31''H



Crystal Drop Ornaments

Crystal Drop Ornaments - $45

When I was decorating with these, I was thinking to myself...."These are hands down some of the best crystal ornaments I have ever seen!" They are so substantial, the faceting is right on the money, and the shape is just perfect. I can't think of any tree that these wouldn't be amazing on. I love them and I know you will too!

  • Set of 9 (3 boxes)
  • Acrylic
  • 7''



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