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Posted on 06 March 2021

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Black Luxury Cowhide Rug

Italian Unisex Double Strand Compass Bracelet




Black Luxury Cowhide Rug - $399

These Brazilian hides are guaranteed to be the thickest, softest, best in texture, color, and pattern available. These thick, supple, shed-free cowhides may be used as area rugs, wall hangings, upholstery, and fashion accessories. Originating from Brazil, these hides are hand-selected for their superior quality, shine, and suppleness. This hide is tanned in the #1 tannery in the world for this technique. It creates the softest, most silky, supple hide without the odor issues that can arise from lower quality tanning. These cowhides are naturally resistant to dirt and stains and are easy to clean with occasional light vacuuming. Spots and spills can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth using a small amount of soap if necessary.

  • Measurements: 64” front to back in center, 64” wide in front, 79” wide in back  
  • This is a black cowhide with colorfast dying to create a uniform color. 
  • Although it is colorfast it is recommended that it not be placed on a white carpet or used where it will get wet.
  • Thick, supple, shed-free
  • These hides are a natural byproduct of the food industry.
  • Originating from Brazil










Italian Unisex Double Strand Compass Bracelet - $39

I am so excited that we are bringing you a great-looking unisex bracelet that I know the guys are going to love. It has a double-strand Coreana chain attached to a dimensional compass center set in black silver and a raised star on top in rose.   I love what the compass stands for and this bracelet is so Italian, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to feel a little chic and a little edgy.  It shows confidence but is so everyday wearable.  It's so comfortable, you won't even know you have it on, and I love that adjusts from 7-1/2" to 9" so here's your chance to own a beautifully designed bracelet that I know you are going to love.

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Black Enamel
  • Choice of: 7-1/4" + 1" Extender, 7-3/4" + 1" Extender, 8-1/4 + 1" Extender, 9" + 1" Extender
  • Lobster Claw Clasp
  • Measures 1/2" in diameter (Center Compass)
  • Made in Italy


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