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Posted on 18 September 2021

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Choice of Satin Finish Heart Fringe Hoop Earrings

Couture Inspired Pave Love Necklace

Italian Handmade Love Ring

Italian Foil Heart Drawstring Top





Choice of Satin Finish Heart Fringe Hoop Earrings - $59 or $99

Leave it to the Italians to create an updated design from the traditional hoop earring. I love the movement and sparkle from the heart drops that dangle off the hoops. The earrings are flirty and feminine. They hit the light from all angles with each movement. They are lightweight and very wearable.  If you want to stand out in a crowd, these earrings will be perfect for you. 

Choice of 1/2" or 2"  

Choice of Colors: Yellow, White, Rose

18K Gold or Rhodium over Sterling Silver.

Smaller hoop earrings measures 1/2" in diameter

Larger Hoop Earrings measure 2" in diameter

Post with butterfly back for pierced ears.

1/2" Weigh 4.4 grams for the pair

2" weigh 8 grams for the pair

Made in Italy









Couture Inspired Pave Love Necklace - $74

I was so excited when we found this factory at the Las Vegas Jewelry Fair.  Their pieces of jewelry are so specialized and have an upscale couture feeling to them. The Love Plaque design necklace is so meaningful and so beautiful. Jewelry with meaning has become a must-have in the industry and this necklace epitomizes that.  It is so stylized and I love how clean the wording is set in this beautiful pave finish.  The handmade workmanship is just amazing and is the type of fine jewelry you would see in 18K Gold and diamonds.  I fell in love with this love necklace because it is so fresh and luxurious.  I can't wait for you to get it home.  

Please note: To keep your jewelry looking beautiful, it is recommended for this necklace to only use soap and water to clean it. Please do not use any polishing cloths, or any jewelry cleaning solutions, as this may damage the finish.
14K Gold over Brass
Stones are crystals
Measures 5/16" L x 1" W 
16" + 3" Extender

Lobster Claw Clasp














Italian Handmade Love Ring - $74

This love ring is made to look like 18K White Gold and Diamonds. It is perfect in its scale and the design looks like something from a very high end auction or the most exclusive jewelry store, and they are the kind of pieces you would love to have in 18K Gold because they are so beautiful and timeless. You know you will love them forever. I not only love the design of this love ring, but I also love the meaning as well.  It is a labor of love, and it shows. I love the look, I love the style, I love the timelessness and gorgeous pave setting. These are pieces I will add to my “forever collection,” and I know you will too.

Sizes 6,7,8,9, 10

Rhodium Plating over Sterling Silver

Measures 1/2" L x 3/4" W

Made in Italy









Italian Foil Heart Drawstring Top - $75

I'm seriously in love with this sweater! I love the foil heart at the center, it adds the prettiest feminine touch! This will look flattering on everyone because of the drawstring waist, which is great for adjusting it to your preferred liking! I wear this all the time and I know you will too! 

100% Cotton   Wash Cold

Sizing information will be available at 12p ET on Sunday.

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