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Posted on 15 September 2021

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Yellow & Brown Maple Leaf Stems w/Berries

29'' Yellow & Brown Maple Leaf Wreath w/Berries

Brown Glass Long Neck Bottles w/Script

Gold Round Clock on Vegan Leather Stand

Ribbon Design Mirror

Set of 2 Mango Wood Cutting Boards

Set of 3 Brushed Gold Lidded Containers

Soft White Globe Lamp

Large Glazed Metal Vase

Roman Inspired Iron Candle Holder

Brown & Cream Houndstooth Throw Blanket w/Fringe


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Yellow & Brown Maple Leaf Stems w/Berries - $49

Oh my gosh, I just love these maple leaf stems! I can't get over how beautiful and rich the yellow color is. The hints of brown pop through and make this the perfect color combination for Fall. Whether you put these in a vase or lay them out on a mantle or shelf they are going to look fabulous! :) 

Height: 28"

Set of 4







29'' Yellow & Brown Maple Leaf Wreath w/Berries - $65

I don't mean to be bossy...but you need this wreath! The colors are too gorgeous to resist and I love how full and lifelike it is. You can hang this on a door, or wall, or even lean on a mantle and it is guaranteed to look fabulous! :

Width: 29"






Brown Glass Long Neck Bottles w/Script - $49, $89, $129

I can't even express how much I love these bottles. Each one is a coppery tan at the top with the wire detail and then it flows into a lighter gold toward the bottom. They are finished with a  gorgeous gold design on the front that varies by the size of the bottle. These are perfect on their own or with manmade flowers. I will use these all year long because I love them so much! They are some of my new favorite pieces and I think they will be some of your favorites too. 

Choice of size - 1 (small), 2 (med)  or 3 (large)

Small: 9''H x 7''dia

Medium: 12''H x 9''dia

Large: 16''H x 11''dia









Gold Round Clock on Vegan Leather Stand - $95

Clocks make great decorating pieces and this one is truly fabulous. The gold on this gives it a beautiful vintage feel, that I just love! The leather stand adds that stunning aged look that goes perfectly with the gold. This is great for putting on a table, mantle, or shelf anywhere in your home! 
8"H x 6.5"W x 3.5"D








Ribbon Design Mirror - $34

The Design

This charming oval mirror design immediately catches the eye with its adorable bow ornament. This piece is finished in slate grey and vintage gold, a combination that works well with a variety of classically-inspired decor themes.

The Features

Charming ribbon ornament
Slate grey and gold finish
Oval shape 

Product Details

Resin and Glass












Set of 2 Mango Wood Cutting Boards - $95

These are some of the most beautiful cutting boards I've ever seen! They are done in mango wood and the color is truly stunning! Whether you use it as a cutting board, a serving platter, a cheese plate, or just as a tray, it's going to be one of the most beautiful pieces in your kitchen!

Small: Length: 14"   Length With Handle: 21"   Width: 12"  

Large: Height: 15 3/4"  Length With Handle 23 1/2"   Width: 16"  









Set of 3 Brushed Gold Lidded Containers - $120

These containers are perfect to decorate with! They have such beautiful dimension and scale. I love the gold finishing because it is so luxurious and high-end looking. These are perfect for just decorating or storing things in. I can't wait for you to get these home! :) 

Small: Height: 10 1/4"  Width: 7"  

Medium: Height: 12 3/4"  Width: 7"  

Large: Height: 14"  Width: 7"  






Soft White Globe Lamp - $240

This lamp is absolutely stunning! I was immediately drawn in by its globe base that gives this lamp such beautiful dimension. I love how full the lampshade is, and the gold detailing throughout. This is truly a gorgeous piece to add to your home! 


Iron, Cement, Fabric








Large Glazed Metal Vase - $95

I love a vase that is gorgeous on its own and is like a piece of artwork. You can use it for flowers, but it's so striking and beautiful, that they aren't necessary. This is done in metal with a beautiful glaze with brushstrokes of tans and greys that almost look like feathers. The colors are so perfect for fall, and they are neutrals so they will go with so many other things. Whether you use it on its own or with flowers, it is going to be one of your favorite vases. 

Height: 15"  Width: 10"  







Roman Inspired Iron Candle Holder - $139

I'm always looking for new beautiful pieces to add to my home and this one is really special. I love the Roman-inspired look, it makes this unique from other pieces. I love the circle shaping that surrounds the candle in the center, creating a stunning focal point. Every time I look at this I smile and I know you will too when you get it home! 








Brown & Cream Houndstooth Throw Blanket w/Fringe - $95

You always need a good throw blanket and this one is it! It really just makes a space a lot cozier and warm inside. I love the brown and cream colors on this because they will match with anything! I use this blanket all the time and I know you will too! 
60"H x 50"W

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