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Posted on 04 January 2021

Available @ 12p ET

6' Sheepskin rug


Available @ 8p ET

Set of 2 White Orchids in Ceramic Vases

Bamboo Sheets



6' Sheepskin Rug - $179

Choice of color: white or platinum

*Please allow a few extra days for this product to ship from our warehouse

These plush, soft sheepskin rugs are made to form the shape and size of an oversized luxury sheepskin. They are soft and dense and amazing and the plushest feeling ever because they actually have a padded backing that makes them thicker and more full, soft and plush than I've ever seen! I have some sheepskin rugs that were a major investment and these feel even better than they do! Imagine curling up in front of the fire, or watching TV or feeling that softness under your feet first thing in the morning when you wake up and your feet hit the floor. They are so fabulous you will want them everywhere!

72'' x 27''

Care: Vacuum with no beater bar/rotating brush; Spot clean with water; Spot clean with mild detergent; Shake to remove dust.  Sheepskin is a natural product and they don't trap soil very well...usually a firm shake is all it takes!  For spills, take a small damp towel with some mild detergent and spot clean.  Let wool dry and when dry use a dog or pet brush to comb out the wool.  Using this type of brush on the rug will always freshen it up and make it look like new.  

If rug gets wet, let dry...and use pet brush to freshen up.

Not bleached or dyed

Manufactured in Thailand with raw materials from Australia. All materials are a natural byproduct of the food industry and no animals were harmed for the purpose of the creation of this product. 

*This item can not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii 

New Platinum color!






Set of 2 White Orchids in Ceramic Vases - $329

I have always loved having orchids in my home, but I'm not the best at keeping the real ones alive. This is a set of 2 of the most beautifully done lifelike orchids I have ever seen. They are larger and more important than what you usually see. Everything from the detail of the flowers, to the beautiful ceramic vases, to the moss, is just perfect. This is the perfect way to add some light and beauty to your home in any season. 

  • 28"H x 9"Dia.
  • Polyester/Ceramic








Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set

Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set - $165

Bamboo bed sheets were designed as cooling sheets, to be as soft as silk, soothe skin and enhance sleep. The fabric's excellent breathability, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties make them perfect for people with sensitive skin or hot sleepers. Silky soft, breathable, temperature-regulating comfort comes from the right bed sheets. Includes: Fitted, Flat, Pillowcases. 

SILKY SOFT & COMFORTING: a luxurious cashmere-like feel, twice as soft as cotton.

HYPOALLERGENIC: soothes sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, acne, and rashes. Bamboo resists dust mites.

BEAUTY SLEEP-RESISTS BACTERIA: Acne and skin irritations can be unknowingly caused by poor quality sheets. Bamboo sheets naturally resist bacteria.

COOLING SHEETS: bamboo breathes 3x more than cotton, so you won’t overheat, stay cool all night. Great for menopause and hot sleeper.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from Certified Organically Grown Bamboo. Oeko-Tex Made In Green: skin-safe. Vegan and Panda Friendly.

Wash the linens in cool to warm water with a gentle eco-friendly liquid detergent, and dry with medium heat. We recommend removing immediately to reduce wrinkling.  WEIRD fact: Bamboo comes out of the washer feeling stiff and canvas-like, this is normal so please don't worry that you've harmed your linens.  

Avoid liquid chlorine bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and washer or dryer balls

Ironing does not harm bamboo bed sheets, duvets or coverlets. You may even use high heat and steam, it won’t harm them at all.

  • Color choice: Ivory or Platinum





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