• LED Solar Wicker Outdoor Flameless Candles in Anthracite

LED Solar Wicker Outdoor Flameless Candles in Anthracite

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I love these solar candles!!!!! They are so well done. Alone or in a group, they are so perfect! The base is a substantial resin that looks like a woven Wicker. The flame has a flicker designed to give movement when you look at it and the glass around it just makes it look more realistic. They are really well-made and definitely made to be out in the elements! I put some out yesterday to charge and this morning they were still on. Charging on a sunny day had made them stay on all night long! These are beautiful by a pool, on a walkway, on stairs, on a table, you get the idea! Anywhere you want to put them! I wish I had a 100 of them!!!

 Set of 2 5.3'' candles 

Anthracite is the darker color. 

Each candle includes a stake

*This item can not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii 


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