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"I love peonies! They are so beautiful and have such beautiful dense petals and are such a gorgeous color. The only problem is they bloom and are gone in a matter of days. These are the most realistic, beautiful peonies I have ever seen. Everything from the subtle differences of the pink in the petals, to the texture of the petals, to the scalloping at the edges of the petals and the density of the flowers.  They are absolutely stunning. These are the largest of any of the flower bunches that we are offering. As with all of the flowers the more bunches you have the bigger visual impact you can create."

Includes Two bunches of peonies. Each bunch is 7 Peonies each.  Peonies  are made from silk that emulates the soft shading and coloring of the natural flower along with the texture and scalloped edges of the petals. 

12" long
8.5" wide at flowers.
 Each bunch is tied and can be displayed that way or untied and distributed in a bouquet as you would like. The stems can also be cut with wire cutters. 
Shipping and Returns
Shipping is $5 for 2 bunches (14 peonies).

Returnable within 45 days of purchase. Have questions? Read our return guidelines.

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